About Us


Experience FR Boutique: step inside a '20s-inspired fashion temple where the creative spirit of Bologna sublimates precious collections.

FR Boutique is the first destination store in Bologna, born from the collaboration between two major Italian fashion retailers, Folli Follie and Ratti. FR is the result of the desire to meet the day-to-day needs of ever more attentive customers while offering an exclusive shopping experience like any other. The welcoming spaces provide a wider, more accurate selection that prompts interaction with the products. Bologna, city of art and cornerstone of the expansion of both entrepreneurs is the ideal setting to give an even greater prominence to the synergistic partnership. For the first time in Italy, two families who have made the history of luxury retail for over twenty years, have innovated by succeeding in finding a balance between their respective traditions and experiences and merging the strengths of each reality.

The store was designed to relive the charm of a house of the Twenties. A place of maximum expression of FR’s values and savoir-faire. Baciocchi Associati, the architectural studio that followed the project development, summarizes in a sentence the concept leading to the creation of the new spaces: ‘We wanted to create an Italian bourgeois residence. A home-studio designed to enhance the historical aspects of the building, where a sophisticated woman, presumably an artist or a collector like D’Annunzio, could live’. Fashion and shopping lovers are welcomed to two spaces dedicated to men’s and womens’ ready-to-wear collections including over 160 brands, hot seasonal pieces, shoes, bags, accessories, and to the elegant Dior corner. Here, time slows and interacting with the product comes naturally. A place with a luxurious home atmosphere where to lose track of time and relish peacefully in the selection of FR Boutique.

FR Boutique has taken up residence at the crossing of Via Clavature and Via Marchesana, located in the heart of the historic center of Bologna, a charming combination of narrow paved streets and lively Italian neighborhood. Just a few steps away from Piazza Maggiore and the majestic Basilica of San Petronio, the men’s and women’s luxury fashion store has succeeded in finding its place in the epicurean Bologna just as in the heart of its inhabitants.