1. The website (the “Website”) owned by Clavature 15 s.r.l. with registered office in Via Chiassi, 103 – 46100, Mantua (MN), Italy, uses cookies to make your navigation easier, faster and more intuitive, and to improve the operation of the Website.

2. What are cookies? They are small text files sent from the website to the user’s computer, where they are stored and sent back to the website the next time the same user visits it. Cookies are used for different purposes: to run computer authentications, monitor sessions, save information concerning specific configurations concerning the users accessing the server, store preferences etc.

2.1. Types of cookies: Cookies may be first or third party, where “first party” refers to the cookies which carry the Website domain, while “third party” cookies are those relating to external domains. So-called “third party” cookies, on the other hand, are set by websites other than the one the user is visiting. This is because every website may contain elements (images, maps, sounds, specific links to web pages of other domains, etc.) which reside on servers other than those hosting the website visited.

2.2. Nature of the cookies: Concerning the nature of the cookies, there are different types, they may be technical or profiling cookies.

Technical cookies. 
These cookies are used solely for the “transmission of a communication on an electronic communication network, or where strictly necessary to the supplier of a company service of the information explicitly requested by the subscriber or user to deliver this service” (see art. 122, paragraph 1 of the Personal Data Privacy Code, D.Lgs. no. 196 of 30 June 2003, hereinafter the Privacy Code or the Code). These cookies are used for navigation and to provide the services requested by the users. They are not used for any other purposes and are usually installed directly by the website owner. Without recourse to these cookies, some operations may not be possible, or would be more complicated and/or less secure. They may be divided into: (i) navigation or session cookies, which ensure the normal navigation and use of the website (allowing, for example, purchases or authentication to access reserved areas); they are necessary for the correct operation of the website; (ii) analytical cookies, which are considered technical cookies where used directly by the website manager to collect information, in aggregated form, on the number of users and how they visit the website, in order to improve the website performance; (iii) function cookies, which allow the user to navigate according to a series of selected criteria (for example, language, the products selected for purchase) in order to improve the services provided. To install these cookies no prior consent of the users is required (see more information in paragraph 5. Cookie management).

Profiling cookies
These cookies are used to track users navigating on the Internet and create profiles concerning their tastes, habits, choices etc. These cookies are used to send advertising messages to the users’ terminal in line with the preferences indicated by the users while navigating on-line. The consent of the party concerned is required for the use of profiling cookies. The user may authorize or deny consent to the installation of cookies in the options provided in the next section, “Cookie management”. For third party cookies, the website has no direct control over the single cookies (and cannot directly install them or delete them). You can in any case manage these cookies through the browser settings (see the instructions below), or the websites, indicated in the section on “Cookie management”. Users are therefore invited to check on the third-party website indicated below.
3. Cookies installed on the Website. The cookies present on this Website are listed below. Please remember that, as indicated in the “Privacy Policy”, the Website uses the user’s data only to show the contents of the Website and send newsletters (the “Purpose”). Third party cookies have a link to the privacy policy of the relative external supplier, where it is possible to find a detailed description of the single cookies and how they are treated
System cookies present on the Website: The Website uses cookies to guarantee a better navigation experience for users; these cookies are indispensable for the correct operation of the website. You can disable these cookies from the browser, following the instructions in paragraph 4 of this document, but you will compromise your experience on the website and we will not be able to respond for any malfunctions.

Google Analytics. 
The website contains Google profiling cookies. Google Analytics is an analysis tool owned by Google which uses cookies (performance cookies) to gather anonymous navigation data in order to examine the use of the website and provide other information, including the number of visitors and the pages visited. Google may also transfer this information to third parties where so required by law or to third parties who process this information on behalf of Google. Google Analytics cookies can also be used to show more pertinent results in the Google properties (such as searches on Google). Google will not associate the IP address to any other data in the possession of Google. The data transmitted to Google is stored on the Google servers in the United States. Users may selectively disable the actions of Google Analytics by installing on their own browser the specific component provided by Google (opt out). To disable to collection of data by Google Analytics, refer to the following link: For more information on the use and processing of data by social Google, please refer to their information at the following internet address:

Third party cookies.
The Website may allow the use of third party cookies which could gather information on the user’s movements on the Internet. Moreover, some pages on our website have so-called social plugins, which allow you to share our contents on social media networks such as Facebook. Third party cookies are not under our control and therefore, for more information on how the Third Party uses the cookies, you are advised to visit the third-party website; here below is a list of web addresses with the various privacy policies and a description of the ways of managing Third party cookies: Facebook.
4. Cookie management: In compliance with the Data Protection Code directives (D.Lgs. no. 196 of 30 June 2003, hereinafter the “Code”) and, in particular, art.s 13, paragraph 3 and 122, paragraph 1 and in reference to the regulation on the “Identification of simplified method for information and acquisition of consent to the use of cookies – 8 May 2014” (Published in the Official Journal no. 126 of 3 June 2014) as well as in art. 13 of the EU Regulation no. 2016/279 (hereinafter the “GDPR”), the User may modify his consent to cookies at any time. The Company will keep an appropriate track of the consent/s of the User in a specific technical cookie, considered by the Privacy Guarantor to be a “not particularly invasive” tool. Users can deny their consent and/or modify their options on the use of cookies by this Website at any time. Users have the faculty at any time to exercise the rights recognized by art. 7 of the Privacy Code and by art.s 15-18 of the GDPR and among others, the right to obtain a copy of the processed data, the updating, origin, purposes and methods of processing, correction or integration, deletion, transformation into anonymous form or suspension of any data processed in violation of the relevant legislation, and to oppose the processing for legitimate reasons. To exercise such rights, write to the Company, for the attention of the Data Controller, domiciled at the registered office of Clavature 15 s.r.l. in Via Clavature 15, 40124, Bologna (BO), Italy. If consent has already been given but you wish to change your authorization of cookies, you must delete them via the browser, as described below, otherwise those already installed will not be removed. In particular, remember that it is not possible in any way to control third party cookies, so if you have already given your consent, you must proceed to delete these cookies through the browser (specific section) or by requesting the opt-out directly from the third party or on the website
To find out more, consult the following websites:
5. How to disable/delete cookies in the browser settings
(i) Google Chrome;
(ii) Mozilla Firefox;
(iii) Apple Safari;
(iv) Microsoft Windows Explorer;
(v) Opera.
If the browser used is not included in the above list, it is possible to visit the web support pages of the supplier of the browser, which can also be reached using a search engine.
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